Pumpkin Patch & New Cleaned Tank

Pumpkin Patch & New Cleaned Tank

The Water Works is slowly evolving in order to meet the needs of the community. At the top of the site near the compound there are four small tanks with one currently used as the Richmond Community Garden. This area would have been the start of the treatment train for the old water treatment works, before flowing into the larger tanks and eventually discharging into the Levern Water.

pumpkin patch and cleared tank

Until May 2016, three out of the four tanks were unused. With local schools and groups expressing an interest in a growing project this presented an opportunity, the solution – ‘Pumpkin Patch’. While one tank was cleared out and surfaced for a flexible space, Young Enterprise Scotland cleared the turf out of the other tank. With a kind donation of manure from the local stables and a donation of compost from the council garden waste contractor this tank was transformed into an optimal grow space.

Local nursery school children were provided with pots and pumpkin seeds. Each child was able to plant and nurture their pumpkins, which eventually grew and grew until they were ready to be planted at the Water Works. With a selection of propagating pumpkin plants, the kids planted their pumpkins, which are coming along nicely.

But why pumpkins?

Not only are pumpkins a healthy and nutritious food source, more importantly, they can also be used for Halloween lanterns. Win win! Not only can we make our own lanterns, but also some lovely pumpkin soup to keep us warm on cold, dark October evenings. Can’t wait.

Keep your eyes open for our Halloween events in October.

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