Sea Hames @ Water Works

Sea Hames @ Water Works


Last Saturday saw Oceanallover present their latest performance project Sea Hames at Water Works, a fabulous costumed extravaganza that not even the rain could dampen. Here is a snippet from Herald Scotland’s five star review from the following day at The Tramway –

“…there was a chance to see Alex Rigg and his company delivering Sea Hames in all its musical exuberance and costumed glory. Inspired by Orkney’s Festival of the Horse, this promenade-pageant – led by Rigg’s eldritch horse-whisperer – wove its mystical way through a building that was once home to the cuddies that drew Glasgow’s trams. The band, looking like ghostly medieval minstrels, filled the air with skirling pipes, samba brass, rousing work songs and eerie melodies. From over-arching helmet to shaggy Clydesdale fetlock, four richly caparisoned horses – not unlike Gothick chess pieces – gradually moved out, into the Hidden Gardens: sometimes martial in demeanour, sometimes nervy-spirited steeds, sometimes proud, noble exponents of dressage. The effect of Sea Hames on children and adults alike was instantly exhilarating, like a sudden magical visitation from a fantastical world.”

Brilliant stuff.


Photo courtesy of @GrowWildScot


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